Ashorchard Summer "Bella"

Color: Black
Weight: 59 lbs.
Date of Birth: March 4, 2021

When looking for a traditional British Lab conformation, Bella is a beautifully proportioned female.  Bella is a very stout female with a solid body, larger chest and blocky head, especially as far as females are concerned.  Bella was imported directly from Ireland at the age of one and is has finished out her  finishing out her training at Wildrose Midwest.   Bella comes from the Kelmarksy and Levenghyl bloodlines which have proven to be exceptional in Field Trials and in the hunting fields.  Bella’s father, Kelmarsky Crow is a Field Trial Champion.  Bella’s mom is housed at Wildrose Texas where she has consistently produced quality litters.  Bella’s pedigree is full of Field Trial Champions and Field Trial Winners.  

Bella’s passion is pleasing her handler and she is very focused on doing what is asked of her.  Bella is seldom more than a few steps away and has a very sweet personality both in the field and at home.  Bella has a strong game drive and exceptional nose for finding game.  Given her strong prey drive, Bella is amazingly calm and relaxed in the house.   She definitely has an “on off” switch.


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